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Mad Max-style radioactive combats


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Quest 4 Fuel: Radioactive Borderlands is an RPG where you control a diverse group of pilots in a post-apocalyptic world. You have to fight to get gas in a cartoon universe that reminds us of the background from the great Mad Max saga.

The gameplay in Quest 4 Fuel: Radioactive Borderlands is similar to what we see in other RPGs: you'll have to fight in turn-based battles where you choose the actions for your group of characters. Each one of them has special abilities that you'll have to use wisely in order to beat all your enemies.

Each screen will present you with multiple waves of enemies, so building a good group is essential for completing the levels. You'll unlock characters as you advance in the game, although you can also recruit them through the always-present gacha system.

Quest 4 Fuel: Radioactive Borderlands is a pretty accessible RPG that offers an original setting that we're not used to seeing in these types of productions. It has a great cast of heroes to recruit and a few difficulty modes to provide you with thrilling battles fit to your skills.
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Requires Android 4.1 or higher

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